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Moduly Mobile Application shows Nødz as "No Connection"

You have previously paired your Device to the Moduly Mobile Application, but it now shows as “No Connection”. 

Validate the following:

  • If the device LED is Pink:

    • Restart the Nodz (power switch OFF for 30 seconds, then back ON).

    • If the LED remains pink, press and hold the red reset button next to the AC plugs at the back of the device for 10 seconds. The LED should go blue, indicating that Bluetooth is in pairing mode. Open the Nodz in the Moduly Mobile Application and follow the connection instructions.

  • Verify Wifi Network:

    • If you cannot find the Wifi network in the list, ensure you're connecting to a 2.4 GHz Wifi network (5 GHz networks are not supported).

    • Verify that your Wifi network name and password are correct.

    • Place the Nodz at least 1 meter from the router for a strong signal.

  • Other Checks:

    • If you are unable to reconnect to your device using the Moduly Mobile Application, ensure you're connecting to the same device as the first time it was paired. If you have changed the device and need to pair it to an existing account, contact the Moduly support at

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